Salts Mill

West Yorkshire is a county full of weaving history with countless  mills still to be seen throughout the landscape. One of the most impressive of these mills is Salts Mill which is located in the village of Saltaire not far from Bradford.



Although this mill hasn't been functioning as a weaving mill since the 1980's it has been transformed into a destination for Art and Design lovers with beautiful shops selling high-end homewares, regular Art exhibitions as well as a permanent collection of some of David Hockneys work, himself a Yorkshireman.






The history of Salts Mill is fascinating. It was built by the impressively named Titus Salt who wanted to create a kind of industrial utopia. When the mill was finished in 1853 it was the largest factory in the world, 3000 workers toiled away at 1200 looms producing 30,000 yards of cloth every single day.





As well as the mill itself Titus built housing, churches, schools and almshouses for his workers. When you visit you can still see the dentist chairs and doctors surgery which were available to the people who worked in the mill.





Salts Mill is incredible in its scale and ambition and is a reminder of just how important the weaving industry was to this part of the world. It's also a huge success story in terms of how the mill has been transformed as a place for family's to visit to learn more about the history of the mill and to be inspired by modern day artists and designers.