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We are a small West Yorkshire design studio specialising in woven textiles for the home. We work closely with local weaving mills in West Yorkshire and Lancashire to produce beautifully soft woollen cloth which is then made up into blankets and cushions in our Marsden studio.

We weave small runs of cloth son which gives us flexibility and the ability to be creative and minimise waste. In our studio, no scrap of cloth is wasted, we know how precious merino wool woven in our own backyard is and we value it.

This sometimes means that our pieces go in and out of stock quickly but feel free to email us if there is any item currently out of stock that you're waiting for and we will let you know when it will be reappearing.

It's important to us that we create pieces that will last the test of time. We know that our work is not an impulse buy and that suits us just fine, we hope that you will take your time and consider carefully when purchasing from us. We try to show the colours and textures of our blankets and pieces as accurately as possible through photography but are also happy to send out swatches if required to make sure you are perfectly happy with your decision.

Every blanket is hand edged in studio with our special minimal fringe edging which has been chosen to match the clean simplicity of our designs. We are often  asked if the fringing will unravel but this is absolutely not the case, the yarns stay in place because of the close weave and the felting from the finishing process.

Our cushions are also sewn in the studio, we've found over time that the most efficient way to work is to cut and sew orders as we receive them which also helps us to save waste. This means that at busy times it van take up to three days for work to be sent out but if you are in a rush we will do everything we can to speed up your order.



Inspiored by modernism, architecture and the colour pallettes of post impressionists we