Traditional production/Contemporary design

Anna-Lisa Smith studio is based in the small mill town of Marsden, West Yorkshire. Marsden is tucked into the Pennine hills in a very wild and beautiful part of England.

The local landscape is shaped by the wool weaving industry which was the heart and soul of the area for so many years.

From the studio window you can look out onto what was once the worlds largest privately owned wool weaving mill, unfortunately closed since the 1980's. At the top of the valley are three reservoirs which once powered the mills and now provide water for the local area. The water of this area is uniquely suited for wool washing having been filtered slowly through the millstone grit of the Pennines. All fabrics are finished by the world famous W.T Johnsons in Huddersfield who have their own bore hole to use this very special water.


Only twenty minutes from Marsden is Huddersfield which has always been famous for the quality of its woven woollen cloth.  Woven wool fabrics from this area were worn by Kings and Princes across the world and the Huddersfield brand was a guarantee of the finest quality. At one time there were hundreds of individual mills scattered across this landscape and the wool weaving industry brought jobs and prosperity to this area.



Although many mills have disappeared through globalisation, there are still many manufacturers in this part of England who continue to weave and finish high quality woven wool fabrics and it is an honour to work with such skilled and established local producers. All Anna-Lisa Smith cloth is woven, washed and finished within fifty miles of the studio. A unique mix of highly contemporary design brought to life by skilled local craftsmanship.